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Root Canal Therapy

Our Burlington dentists at Mapleview Dental Centre and Maple Dental Office are skilled in root canal therapy. We can save your natural tooth and help you avoid the need for other costly procedures. Root canal therapy involves the pulp at the core of your tooth. This area is the nerve of your tooth and where blood and nutrients needed by a healthy tooth circulate. When pulp is damaged, it is susceptible to infection and can result in pain, swelling, bone damage and eventually the loss of the tooth.

Root Canal Procedure
Root canal therapy involves a process where the tooth is first thoroughly frozen. An access is created to remove damaged pulp tissue and bacteria. The tooth is then cleaned and shaped to receive a filling material which seals the root canal area.

Since your tooth will no longer receive vital nutrients, it will be more brittle than surrounding teeth. With this in mind, we will create a crown to strengthen and protect your chewing surface. This is especially important if the root canal was done on one of your back teeth. We will cement the crown in place and you will still have your original tooth, rather than an artificial replacement.