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Overcome Your Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry


Are you avoiding dental treatment due to fear or anxiety? You are not alone. Our team will put you at ease in a soothing and comforting environment where you can relax and get the care you need. We will listen to your concerns before treatment begins, and personalize a dental plan that you can be comfortable with. We have found that many patients who suffer from fear and anxiety can benefit from nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which induces total-body relaxation. A combination of both nitrous oxide and oral sedation can also be used to diminish any fear or anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide is a Proven Effective Sedation Method
For many years, nitrous oxide has been the primary means of sedation dentistry. It has no colour, smell and will not irritate you. You will be able to breathe on your own with control of all bodily functions. You may experience mild amnesia or fall asleep and not remember all of what happened during your appointment. Nitrous oxide works quickly for your convenience and reaches the brain within 20 seconds. Relaxation will develop in 2 or 3 minutes. We can alter the depth of sedation at any time. Another benefit of this gas is there is no hangover effect as it is eliminated from the body in 3 to 5 minutes after the supply is stopped. You will be able to drive yourself home safely.

Sedation Services
We understand that patients have different levels of anxiety and in our office we offer many personalized ways of helping you choose the services that best suit your needs.